Script Anthem of the Russian Federation
The state flag, coat-of-arms and anthem are the symbols of state power. It is not a surprise that in 2009 during the G8 summit in L’Aquila Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi presented the illustrated manuscript folios containing the texts of national anthems to the state leaders.The commission for the national anthem execution was delegated to a famous calligrapher, participants of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy, Yevgeny Drobyazin.


Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy
Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy (founded in 2008) is the first Russian museum for the art of lettering. All across the world (including Turkey, China, Japan and UAE) there are the museums with permanent calligraphy expositions. However, there were no such museums in Russia yet. This makes the museum of calligraphy located in Sokolniki unique, not to mention the outstanding calligraphic items it contains.

The museum was initiated by the National Union of Calligraphers, Sokolniki culture & Exhibition centre and MVK International Exhibition Company. The museum was officially registered on July 22, 2008 at the Administration of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

International Exhibition of Calligraphy
International Exhibition of calligraphy
International Exhibition of Calligraphy aims to revive the lost art of calligraphy in Russia, make it widely available and create conditions for its development.

The art of calligraphy offers the opportunity to develop one’s personality at any age. The framework of the exhibition will include the museum exposition of the handwritten texts of various ages, sample works of the world calligraphic schools and writing and calligraphic instruments which the Masters create their masterpieces with.

The Handwritten Constitution by the Calligraphers


Конституция Российской Федерации
The idea of creating the first hand-made Constitution by the Calligraphers’ Union is tribute of respect to the history and traditions of our multinational community.


Constitution is a written document that establishes the fundamental political rules and principles of an autonomous political entity. Constitution also establishes the ideological, political and legal aspects of the state. This document is the superior legal force; all the laws of the state are subject to it.